Focus on What You Can Control

We find ourselves in a fascinating time of global uncertainty, political chaos, and economic challenges. These things are happening at a macro level, and most of us have little control over them.

In seasons like this, it is easy to get so focused and distracted by what is happening at a macro level, that we lose sight of what fuels our business:

Customer Relationships

Some businesses have a few customer relationships, and some have thousands. Regardless of the number of customer relationships, a business will only succeed if it can solve problems for enough people in a profitable way.

Don’t allow things you cannot control to lead to poor decisions for yourself and your business.

Focus on what you can do, and do it to the best of your ability.

One thing you can do and control is the relationships with your customers.

Know Your Customer

Every person has needs and wants. The more you know about these needs and wants, the better positioned you are to provide them.

Wants and needs change over time, especially during uncertain times.

Communicate with your customers frequently. Ask them how you and your company can best serve them.

An Audience of One

Your messaging should be focused on an audience of one – your ideal customer.

The people you want to serve, or you are currently serving, should easily be able to understand the problem you will help them solve through your messaging.

There are many platforms (social media, search, email, etc.) and communication tools (email, video, website, etc.) you can leverage to reach your audience.

Regardless of the method, your message should be clear and connect on an emotional and cognitive manner.

Keep Your Message Simple

Don’t needlessly overcomplicate your message. Be clear about four things:

  1. Who you serve
  2. The problem you solve
  3. The benefit (not feature) they will receive
  4. The advantage of working with you

Communicate these core message elements as simply as possible.

Deliver Results

When you have an opportunity to solve a problem for someone, do it with excellence and profitability. 

Repeat this over and over, and your business will thrive.

Take Action

These concepts are simple and proven, but not easy to implement.

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