Influential Books of 2023

I love to read. I used to pride myself in reading a lot of books each year. Over time I have learned to read less and apply more.

Four books have greatly impacted me and my family this year. Two are focused on professional development. Two are focused on personal growth, specifically being a better father to my children.


This book is the foundation for the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS).

The authors weave together business best practices and concepts taught by legendary business leaders into a practical system to leading businesses of all sizes.

I highly recommend this book for all business owners who are serious about gaining traction and growing your business in a structured manner.

Profit First

This book was a game changer in how I approach managing the finances in business. Profit First provides a simple framework to ensure the business owner gets paid and keeps the cash flowing.

In addition to sound financial wisdom, Mike shares his journey as an entrepreneur and a lot of key business lessons he learned along the way.

I highly recommend this book if you want to improve the way your business finances are managed.

The Intentional Father

Being a dad is hard. This book provides sound wisdom, principles, and a structured approach for fathers to help their sons grow to become men of impact.

Way of the Warrior Kid

This book was recommended to me by a dad on my son’s football team. I was already a big fan of the author, Jocko Willink, but now I am an even bigger fan.

This is a fun story and teaches quality character lessons that boys and girls need to develop: discipline, hard work, and accountability.

I highly recommend this book for children between the ages of 7 and 12.

I read one chapter each night to my son and we discussed the lesson of the chapter and how to apply it in his life.